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he sees you

he noticed you

~ Trevor Henderson

Door Man is a creature created by Trevor Henderson.


"Door Man" depicts a large meaty head with a big smile on his face. His body can't be seen in the photo but people have reported him wearing a black trench coat with a tool belt.


Door Man carries thieves' tools on him so he can break into people's homes. He also carries a knife. The strangest thing about Door Man is that it has not been confirmed that he has killed a single human. He has, however, destroyed many homes. When he breaks into a home, he takes all the items including furniture. Also, he always leaves behind one mysterious door in the house that wasn't previously there....these doors lead to dark rooms that may contain other monsters. Door Man uses the stolen items he collects to furnish his own secret lair.


Door Man can create strange doors, make himself appear blurry to human eyes and teleport to nearby doors.