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Death and The Devil say hello!!!
~ Trevor Henderson on his Tumblr

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This story I am about to tell you is true, it happened to my mother in 1959, in upstate N.Y.

My mother was raised in a very strict protestant home, She had seven brothers and sisters. As all families did back then, my mother was required to attend church three times a week. My grandfather was a very religious man.

One Sunday my aunt Janet asked permission to attend a catholic church with a friend that she had spent the night with. Although my grandfather did not agree, my grandmother gave her permission figuring it would give her a little more insight into god.

My aunt attended mass with her friend, While she was there she saw the floating candles that the church lights to honor the dead, well as you may be able to guess she took one and brought it home with her. She lit the candle and put it on the vanity table near the window in the room she shared with my mother.

My grandmother called them down for their Sunday dinner. While they were eating, all of a sudden they could smell smoke. Apparently the wind had blown the curtains and the candle had caught them on fire. The fire was horrific, it practically destroyed the room.

My grandfather being the man he was made everyone work to redo the room that day, paint and all. At the end of the day there was only one thing left to be done which was to replace the window in the room, but that could not be done until the following day. Back then everything was closed on Sunday.

My mother and her sisters had pushed their beds together that night and made one big bed. The moon was full so they could see fairly well in the dark. At around 3:00 AM, my mother awoke to a snarling sound coming from somewhere in her room, she said she almost felt paralyzed. As she started to open her eyes, she could see this huge black gargoyle looking thing standing at the end of her bed with these evil red eyes staring at her. She could see his snarling teeth, she could feel the heat of his breath on her skin. She was so terrified she could not move. She said it looked at her like, 'I know you can see me'..

(Original by Brenda Lee)

They are also known as canon creatures which Trevor himself has confirmed. And also from this comment you can understand that they are male. It is also known that Death and the Devil come from the Order of the Knight, Death and Devil, one of the three "engraving workshops" of the German artist Albrecht Durer, created in 1513, although the knight survived into history, but from Trevor, Death and the devil just threw this IDIOT away.


The Devil and Death are considered one of Trevor Henderson's most powerful creatures. They can use strong magical abilities, death can take souls and have dark magic, and manipulate reality and matter. The devil is considered the great king of hell, a strong and powerful creature that can kill any demon.


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