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People see this as strict reading order, it's not. Paraphrasing Dark, "They're more like guidelines than actual rules".


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The Giants are a collection of various giant and mysterious creatures created by the Canadian horror artist Trevor Henderson. Trevor confirmed that the Giants have their own universe, separate from all the other creatures he made.

Anyone apart of Trevor Henderson's "Giants" series of images:

PrecursoroftheFirstWar.jpg We saw this one moving North at a good clip. It was hard to keep up. We pulled alongside and got our photos and some video, but he outpaced us eventually, left county. No longer our jurisdiction. Though, we saw displaced animals start to arrive in town over the next month.
~ Precursor of the First War
Ff9136f693b25c90357adea8d8d8d558.jpg *Emergency storm warning.* All residents, please remain indoors and wait for further dispatches.
~ The Wandering Faith
BirdWatcherFull.jpeg It’s amazing what people can and will adapt to, if given enough time. They had the evacuations down to a science by now, and even with an emergence, the fields kept them from doing any real damage. They didn’t even have to stop the trains this time, he wouldn’t be late after all.
~ The Bird Watcher
Breaking News Is Real Or Fake.png Breaking News.
~ Breaking News
D9T BWfWwAACauX-0.jpg Reality was like a soggy grocery bag, and one day they just ripped through the bottom and messed everything up for everyone.
~ Behemoth
D80FE589-3D86-41F1-BDFA-0D373C0C975D.png The wildfire cameras caught them even before the reports started coming in. By then, they were everywhere.
~ Wildfire Giants
Mist Creature.jpg //...remain indoors until you hear the tone////keep a radio in your vicinity to keep aware of current weather status//
~ Remain Indoors
Sky Tentacles-0.jpeg By the time everyone had photographic proof, nobody needed convincing anymore
~ Sky Tentacles
E8977893-15DD-4352-815B-21557B28DE9C.jpeg Not much has actually changed around here, we're too far from the city for that. It gives us lots of warning. You can hear the birds screaming around it for miles before the footsteps even cause the shake. And nobody bothers us over here at ground zero. They have enough troubles.
~ The Giant Bird
~ Highway Worm
Misty Storm Wanderers.jpg ALERT: extreme weather warning for Fayette County, OH. Until-*they aren't letting us out*-further notice, do not leave your place of resid-*please help us-*-ence under any circumstances-
~ Misty Storm Wanderers
Giant Puppeteer.jpg When the time came, it wasn't in the way they'd thought, both in origin and destination.
~ Giant Puppeteer
The Giant Shadow.jpeg The two moons were theorized to be a sign of the overlapped spaces, though honestly most of the scientific world threw it's hands in the air and gave up long before the titans.
~ Giant Shadow Monster
A1607E5D-A6E1-4ED1-B4D3-027AFD38C33B.jpeg First there was the siren, cutting through the mist, then the crowd arrived. As they ambled towards us, the shadow of the sickly giant heaved above them.
~ The Misty Giant
Treehead Edit.jpg it was surprisingly quiet for how big it was, moving along the distant horizon, a shadow against the setting sun. It paused, looking up and towards me, and I saw many pinprick eyes reflecting in its silhouetted head. Startled, it loped away on all fours like an animal.
~ Tree Head

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