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Cartoon Cat is the most (𝘿𝘼𝙏𝘼 𝙀𝙓𝙋𝙐𝙉𝙂𝙀𝘿) of all the (𝘿𝘼𝙏𝘼 𝙀𝙓𝙋𝙐𝙉𝙂𝙀𝘿)!
~ Cartoon Cat Fact Sheet!
~ The description of the fourth and fifth post with Cartoon Cat.

Cartoon Cat is a Trevor Henderson character. He originated from a twitter post on August 4, 2018.


Cartoon Cat looks like a tall, black cat that looks like it came straight out of a cartoon. His gloves are white and his teeth are affixed under a set of red, bloody gums. The creature doesn't appear to have feet for it's legs, instead, it only posesses the set of footless, sharp, legs it has.

The photogenic nature of the entity has revealed an extraordinarily elastic nature, as often evidenced in the "rubberhose" style cartoons from the 1930s era that it resembles.


Further information can be uncovered on Trevor’s responses to people’s questions on his Tumblr. In these, Trevor states Cartoon Cat is the most dangerous monster in his collection. He also states Cartoon Cat is so dangerous, the other monsters actively avoid the dirt mall he sometimes resides in.[1] When asked why he is so dangerous, Trevor simply responded: “unchecked limitations.”

Trevor has revealed that Cartoon Cat and any other cartoon monsters can take the exaggerated form of almost any animal, but since dogs, mice and cats are generally the animals that come to mind when cartoons come to mind, those are the forms they are “most likely to latch on and form into.” If the majority of the population focuses on a specific character for a cartoon, Cartoon Cat can possibly take their form. Based on this, we can assume that Cartoon Cat’s current form was taken after a character from some old show in 1939 that was later abandoned. In short, Cartoon Cat is most likely some sort of cosmic entity that took the form of a 1939 cartoon in order to possibly torment humanity, however, this theory is not confirmed yet.

However, another one of Trevor’s creations, The Man With The Upside-Down Face was shown to be much worse than Cartoon Cat, as the Man with the Upside-Down Face has indirectly caused mass murder along with committing much more heinous crimes than Cartoon Cat. While Cartoon Cat only attacks and/or kidnaps people when they are in/around his lair and, if his backstory of being an abandoned 1939 cartoon is true, attacks people for revenge, TMWTUDF affects people for his own sickening pleasure, feeding off of the negative emotions from those who had unfortunate tragedies, big or small, making him more evil in terms of his actions.


Despite Trevor's considers Cartoon Cat his most dangerous character.[2] Cartoon Cat has many abilities that back up his reputation among all other monsters as a very dangerous creature. It is implied that he has shapeshifting abilities like a typical 30s rubber hose cartoons, able to change his size and the length, presence and absence of his limbs, as he is “malleable”, as Trevor states. Somehow escaped from being just a cartoon, as he’s able to defy the laws of physics like a cartoon would, its could potentially destroy the world through unknown means.[3]


  • People theorize that Cartoon Catjust might be one of the cruelest and most vile nature/tendenciesout of all the creatures Trevor Hendersonhad made. Though this is not true, as The Man With The Upside Down Face is the true most evil.
  • Its design is based on old cartoons such as Felix the Cat, his body is malleable,[4] due to his physiology as a caricature.
  • Although the Man with the Upside-Down Face is by far the evilest and if not, the worst creation Trevor Henderson has created, Cartoon Cat himself is the most dangerous and the possibly strongest. According to Henderson.
  • One day, Trevor started releasing artworks of many of his monsters as patron saints and Cartoon Cat and Good Boy were one of the many creatures, but compared to the others, they weren't called Patron Saints and didn't have the halo-like symbols behind them. It is unknown why they didn't have these features, although it's possible that they are not unique creatures like the others, but rather just individuals of a species.
  • Some people started theorizing that Cartoon Cat and Good Boy are connected due to both of their "Patron Saint" portraits being unique compared to the others.
  • Despite not actually have been recorded or stated to kill somebody in the lore, a recent photo of Cartoon Cat shows him with entirely bloodstained teeth, which might indicate that Cartoon Cat has actually killed, or accurately, devoured some humans.
  • Trevor confirmed that the Cartoon Cat is a kind of cosmic horror.
  • Many people think that the Cartoon Cat is weaker than the Giants, although this is not so.
  • Cartoon Cat is described as "something cosmic and awful filtered through old media", this might hint that Cartoon Cat is a cosmic entity of some sort that manifests as a retired cartoon mascot.
  • Trevor has stated that Cartoon Cat is worse than the Man with The Upside-Down Face, it is unknown why, while some take it as a joke, this state is further backed up by Cartoon Cat's patron saint artwork not having a halo or the thin bars, the creatures who don't have it are possibly the evilest creatures in the verse, whereas The Man with The Upside Down face did have the halo symbol and several bars protruding from it.
  • When asked if Cartoon Cat was a patron saint, Trevor said he is "too evil".
  • It is morally aware of what it does, which makes it one of the evilest, if not, then the evilest creature in the entire verse.
  • There is a possibility that Cartoon Cat is only a nocturnal hunter, this is backed up by Cartoon Cat hunting at times from 3 AM to 4 AM as stated by several captions.




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