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This page is a detailed list of every single confirmed canonical creature by Trevor Henderson in alphabetical order.

Confirmed Canon

  1. Anxious Dog
  2. Bellringer
  3. Big Charlie
  4. Body-Of-A-Pig
  5. Bonesworth
  6. Bridge Worm
  7. Cartoon Cat
  8. Cartoon Dog
  9. Chicken Ghost/God Of Chickens
  10. Fetid King
  11. Forgotten Baby
  12. Good Boy
  13. Greeting Committee
  14. Hole House (And Hole Man)
  15. Homebody
  16. Hokkaido Hands
  17. Lil’ Nugget/Void Nugget/Meat Nugget
  18. Long Horse
  19. Mr. Mascot
  20. Peeping Tom
  21. Photobooth Man
  22. Scissors
  23. Siren Head
  24. Storm Warning Entity
  25. Theater/Theatre Patron
  26. The Angel
  27. The Class
  28. Fencer
  29. The Fugitive
  30. The Giants
  31. The God Of Roadkill
  32. The Lamb
  33. The Little Crowd
  34. The Man In The Red Room
  35. The Man With The Upside-Down Face
  36. The Needle
  37. The Pursuer
  38. The Smile Room
  39. The Smile Room (Host)
  40. The Three Jesters
  41. The VHS Figure
  42. Turn-Out-The-Lights
  43. Watchtower
  44. White Linen
  45. The Worm of the Red Court

Possibly Canon

Keep in mind that Trevor’s list was made in early November of 2020, and since then, he has made a number of additional creatures that could possibly be canon. There are also some creatures that could be canon that Trevor simply forgot, like he did with The God Of Roadkill. We are listing creatures that have multiple images, some lore given to it, or are possibly related to canon ones.

  1. Red Strings
  2. Mr. Bag
  3. The Bird Spider
  4. Hand Goddess
  5. Numbered Humanoids
  6. Humanoid Robot
  7. Alien Ghost
  8. LaundryMan.jpg
  9. Thing In The Stairs
  10. Followed You Home
  11. Hey Stop A Minute
  12. The Haunting Series
  13. Transmissions
  14. Scribblehead
  15. A Lonely Creature
  16. Fried Fetus
  17. The rest of The Slashers
  18. Head Light
  19. Meat Horse
  20. Nervous Houseguest
  21. Unannounced Houseguest
  22. The Stranger
  23. The Sisters of the Ever-Sharpening Blade (And Mother Superior)


  • Trevor had forgotten to list The God Of Roadkill, and was only reminded of it when a commenter said so.
  • Cartoon Dog has a question mark in parentheses next to it, which could suggest that "Cartoon Dog" is not its final name.
    • It could also mean that Trevor is unsure is he wants to make it canon or not.
    • It may also suggest that Cartoon Dog is not actually a separate entity from Cartoon Cat.
  • Watchtower and the Storm Warning Entity are listed separately from The Giants, suggesting that they do not belong to the same group.
    • This also leads more credence to the Multiverse Theory, which says that The Giants and the other monsters live in separate universes by implying that certain giant creatures are separated from the rest.
  • Light Head/Head Light is not listed in the list, yet Siren Head is.
    • This could suggest that they are the same creature, as there would be no need to list them separately if so.
    • It could also suggest that they are completely different entities from each other, and that Trevor forgot to include it as happened to The God of Roadkill.
  • In the list, the name Forgotten Baby is given to the creature coming out of the doorway in the blue room, yet in an older post, Trevor refers to it as The Pink Man.
  • Interestingly enough, The Fencer is listed as canon, yet the other slashers are not.
    • His name is also listed as “The Fencer”, even though he is usually referred to as just Fencer.
  • Trevor had made an older, much more outdated version of this list on his now-deleted Tumblr account, containing a number of differences and much less creatures.
    • In that list, Scribblehead is listed as canon well, but not in the current one.
    • In the list, Siren Head's name is also listed a "Sirenhead", and The Man In The Red Room is listed as "The Thing In The Red Space".
    • they can play squid game