Breaking news.
~ A Tumblr caption about a Giant which was a black humanoid over a city.

Breaking News is a tall, humanoid, mysterious creature that sometimes lives in small European cities from sunset to midnight. He is in a group of mysterious humanoids, known as the Giants Or Gigantes in Spanish, which are characterized by mysterious phenomena, a hostile nature, and, as huge scientists say, they once caught a creature in the cell and even got scared. Dr. Solars, the scientist, said: "We just did our job until we saw it." A year later, Dr. Solars was never seen again .

Although no one who has made physical contact with the entity is still alive, Breaking News' "Skin" appears to be made of VantaBlack, a material that absorbs 99.966% of all light that hits it. It is unknown how this is possible, as Vantablack is a man-made substance, but it is the only explanation, as all attempts to put light onto Breaking News to see what it looks like results in pure darkness. The creature itself has a rather flimsy and crooked neck, as in all photos taken of it, as its head is either hanging down or to the side. It is unknown if it has eyes, a nose, or even a mouth or ears, as if they exist, they are Vantablack as well. But it does have one giant hole in its face, used as a sort of feeding hole. Its torso is normal for that of a human, but its arms are unnaturally long and dangly. Both parts of its arm are about the height of a 10-story building. It is unknown why the legs aren't just as long, but they are still impressively big compared to that of a human's. It appears to always be slightly bent down. Breaking News has been known to let out an ear-deafening screech similar to that of an emergency alert system, hence the nickname, "Breaking News".


Breaking News is a beast of destruction. It is known to walk straight through any building like it isn't even there. Any organs within a 15 mile radius are stopped simply by its presence. Houses broken by Breaking News are often not repairable and it leaves entire cities abandoned. It feeds by shoveling food into the giant hole in its face.

And it simply might be just one of the cruelest and most destructive creatures to ever exist, it can end off cities in a matter of seconds, and hack into any nearby technology regardless of how improved it is, Breaking News has also been stated to have a Death Aura that can kill off any living being in front of it, unless it was an overpowered reality-bender, like The Lamb or Cartoon Cat, and the Death Aura can affect living beings bigger than it's size.


There is only one known Breaking News entity. Every night, it travels from a small European city to another small European city. No one has ever seen where it goes after it leaves a small city, however, no one ever sees Breaking News enter one, either, as it might just simply pop in and out of existence.. Even through.


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  • The Giants' purpose is "beyond our understanding".
  • It is unknown if the Giants that are shown in 2019 - 2020 are actually part of these hostile species, as they are not marked with the tag "#The Giants" in Trevor’s Tumblr. It is possible that they also have a different purpose or intention than the rest of the Giants and that they are the Angels of God, while the others are from another dimension.
  • In Garry's Mod it can spawn smaller breaking news'.
  • it uses The Wandering Faith tripod sound.


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