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The Blue Fog Monster is a creature made by Canadian Artist Trevor Henderson.


The Blue Fog Monster is a a pinkish, as well as fleshy and repulsive entity. This creature should be atleast 8,21 feet (2,50 Meters) Tall, 11 feet (3,35 Meters) Long and should have the same width as a human being. This creature appears to have a fat tail dragging behind it, a skinny and uncommon-shaped body featuring a large neck and a reptile-like head, featuring eyeless eye sockets, nostrils, and a large mouth with barely(But still visible) teeth. TheBlue Fog Monster2-3 (Atleast visible) hand-less Limbs that seem to be scavenging for food from the garbage bins. (More TBA)


It's currently unknown if this creature is neutral, friendly or hostile to humans or beings.



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