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Making his way home, the birds started following him. Hopping along through the puddles. Didn't birds naturally know to get out of the rain? He turned around again, and their numbers had doubled. He quickened his pace.

Something big landed on the street behind him. He ran.

~ Trevor Henderson

The Bird Giant is a creature made by artist Trevor Henderson.


The Bird Giant depicts a giant raven, standing at the same height as a lamp post. The creature has a group of smaller ravens that are crowded around it, which seem to follow the creature anywhere it goes. With the creature's presence, the other reference seem to ignore the current state of weather, even if it's raining, snowing, or even if there's a storm outside, according to Trevor's caption.


It is currently unknown if the creature is friendly or hostile, however, it usually tends to follow other people with its group of smaller birds.

The name for this creature, Bird Giant, is not
confirmed and is made up by either the fandom or one of our fellow wiki members, mainly due to the fact that Trevor hasn't given the creature an official name yet. Please do keep in mind that the name (and therefore, the article) is subject to change in the future, and that the name it has right now is unofficial, though it may still be referred to as such if no official name is given.