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Bellringer 🔔
~ Trevor Henderson introducing the creature

Bellringer is a grotesque creature drawn by artist Trevor Henderson.


Bellringer depicts a human-like figure standing in a dimly lit room. Where it originated is unknown. The entirety of the creature (minus the arms) appears to be a mere skeleton, held together by some sort of fully encompassing web-like material, possibly muscular tissue or mucus.

Its body is entirely comprised of uneven ribs down to the “pelvis”, and is connected to a spinal cord and columns that appear to be smoothly bent in a zigzag line, starting at the back of the torso, then the front, then the back again. The creature’s chest area has a very large and wide ribcage, getting smaller the further down you go. It has about eleven ribs on its right side (our left, its right) and thirteen ribs on its left side (our right, its left). The ribs on its right side are longer than the left.

Interestingly enough, due to the lack of skin, the creature’s neck is actually composed of root-like bones, which protrude from the very top ribs. This, along with the spinal cord help support the head without requiring muscle mass.

The creature does not actually posses any sort of tail bone or pelvic bone, and is instead connected directly to the femur bones, which have unnaturally large tips, which is what the creature uses as a substitute for a pelvic bone. The legs themselves appear relatively normal and human-like from here, but they are still covered in the strange cohesive substance that keeps the creature together.

Strangely, the arms of this monster are connected to the lower part of its chest area, rather than the shoulders; they are also not actually connected to any of the other bones, instead being connected to the encompassing body material via another red substance, almost appearing to be glued on. They appear to be very short, even proportionally shorter than a human’s. Due to the shape of its arms, it is unlikely that they are able to bend at the elbows. The creature’s hands are quite small, containing three, thin yet sharp digits, as well as an opposable thumb.

And of course, it’s head appears to not be made of any organic material, and instead being replaced with a typical bright-red electric school bell (though it appears orange due to the lighting), the hammer of which appears to protrude out of its neck, able to be moved like a joint. It does not appear to have any other components of a electric bell though, likely due to it being moved naturally.

Finally, the creature appears to have bright yellow-red color to it, though it is hard to identify its true colors due to the lighting. Trevor has confirmed its height to be around 6 Feet or 1.82 Meters.

Behavior and Theories




  • Bellringers are one of a few creatures to be one of many of its kind.
  • They could possibly be a relative of Siren Head
  • It is unknown if the Bellringers themselves have any subspecies.