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The reality was like a soggy grocery bag, and one day they just ripped through the bottom and messed everything up for everyone.
~ Trevor Henderson

The Behemoth is an lizard-like titan whose head is bigger than Mount Everest, which allows him to mainly feeds on weaker titans. It is able to pierce the earth, creating a sizable hole in the ground by doing so, possibly leading to strong earthquakes and tsunamis. Like other lizards, it lays eggs to produce offspring. The only official photo of it was posted by Trevor Henderson on his Twitter on June 18, 2019.[1]


Behemoth is a titan similar to a reptile, especially an iguana. It has giant teeth and small horns on its nape, its teeth should measure 12 km, and its head should measure 27 km.

Their eggs should measure from 1 to 10 km in diameter during calculations, although they have never been seen.

The entire appearance, full size and shape is 800 kilometres known as of yet.


Where the Behemoth dwells is unknown, though it is thought to live largely around mountains as indicated by its only photograph.


Behemoth Bite Force Theory

Behemoth Bite Force Theory states that the Behemoth should have a bite of 2.101097159e+17 (210 quadrillion) PSI, allowing it to easily consume large mountains and volcanoes such as Olympus Mons(not on earth) and Mt. Everest.

Behemoth Consumption Theory

The Behemoth's supposed mountain-devouring leads some to speculate that it could grow in size from its eating. It is thought that this could happen to the point that it would consume entire islands or even the Moon, were it to get into outer space.

Behemoth Mortality Theory

This Behemoth may be mortal, which would certainly be a relief.But so far there is no weapon that would at least inflict damage on him.

Full21234566654's Behemoth Gender Theory

This theory was proposed by the user Full21234566654. The theory states that the Behemoth is female. This theory is based on how iguanas and other reptiles, which this creature appears to be based on, only lay eggs if they are of the female sex. If the Behemoth were then to lay eggs, which many believe it can, the Behemoth would have to be female. Then again, some lizards and reptiles are hermaphroditic.

Vivizin Behemoth Theory

Job's Behemoth Theory was proposed by Vivizin. They claim that Behemoth may be a reincarnation of the Bible's Behemoth, answering the question of this creature's origin. In Jewish rabbinic legend, the Behemoth fights with the Biblical creature Leviathan.[2] This leads Vivizin to speculate that such a fight could start between Trevor Henderson's titans. However, Henderson has not been shown to have plans for such.

Behemoth Discovery Theory

The species called behemoth, scientifically called Titanas Ingens Lacerta was found in mid-1895. They felt low frequency noises that were heard more than 1.6 megametres away. When they excavated, they saw a giant head, as well as a huge row of teeth. He had his mouth open, so they decided not to look further. Then, they heard sism before a head came out of the mountain and the sism turned to, a very strong earthquake, what seemed to be an iguana, His head surpassed the sky in a matter of seconds.

Years later, a subspecies of the titanas ingens lacerta was found in 1906, It was scientifically called Titanas Ingens Lacerta Africanus. Unlike the original species, it never gets down the dirt, and if there are no titans to eat, it looks for rocks to feed on. It is estimated that per 8 month he eats 5,490,000 kilograms which causes major earthquakes every 8 months. Even without seeing him, they have already given him a name, African Behemoth.

This subspecies lives more than 150 years, even so. It was like a giant reptile, shark, of something of that sort.

Behemoth Giant Theory

This theory was proposed by Necksnap. The theory states that it is an angel of God or a heavenly creature, or possibly even a deity, that tore a hole through reality, as stated by the caption. Like the rest of The Giants, it is supposed to condemn unworthy humans to death, while ascending the worthy ones to heaven.


  • The Behemoth this is one of the biggest creatures of Trevor Henderson
  • This could trigger a world-class doomsday scenario.
  • It is thought to lay eggs, though there are no photographs or evidence of such.
  • The word "behemoth" simply means, "something of monstrous size, power, or appearance."[3]
  • 800 km it's only a estimation, This creature may be bigger or smaller, At the moment, we don't know exactly what he measures.
  • It can possibly create earthquakes of biblical magnitude and 7.56 kilometre high tsunamis. With a single individual, it could possibly eliminate all existing species.
  • Possibly, his scientific name is "Titanas Ingens Lacerta"
  • Monsters at this level of size can cause immense earthquakes and can destroy the largest mountains.


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