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Reality was like a soggy grocery bag, and one day they just ripped through the bottom and messed everything up for everyone
~ Trevor Henderson describing the result of The Giants’ presence on humanity

The Behemoth is an enormous creature made by artist Trevor Henderson. It is a member of an infamous species of massive creatures known as The Giants, although this particular creature is estimated to be the largest of them all, measuring up to a few hundreds of kilometers in both height and length. It also possesses many unique abilities. All of these made it one of the most famous Giants that Trevor has ever made.


The Behemoth depicts a truly massive reptilian creature breaking its way out from under a mountain. Only the head of the creature is visible in the image, though we can clearly see that even its head is already as tall as the entire mountain it is busting out of.

The creature has pale white scales covering its entire body, which also appears to be slightly falling off. Despite its size, the scales on its head do not have any visible patterns, though that may just be because it is being obscured by the clouds.

The creature's head is structured similarly to an iguana, being oval-shaped, large-mouthed and having medium-sized eyes, though these eyes appear to lack any surrounding skin to help keep it in place. The creature also has large nostrils that can be difficult to see due to the circumstances of the image. The eyes of the beast are pitch-black with no visible retinas, so it is unknown how it actually operates. The mouth is lines with a number of enormous jagged teeth that get shorter the further back they are, resembling those of an alligator.

Since the creature's head is similar to that of an iguana, it is safe to assume that the rest of the creature's body would be as well. This is further backed up by the numerous spines which line the backside of the creature's head, all the way down to its theoretical tail. These spines are rather small for its size, and are much shorter proportionally than an actual iguana's.

Since the rest of the body of the creature is not visible in the image, we cannot make an accurate measurement of its size, though from what we can see form the head, it must be a few hundred kilometers both in height and length.

Behavior and Origins

The Behemoth is one of the most mysterious giant creatures that Trevor has ever made, due to the lack of information about it. The only information we can gather is from speculations made using the caption and the image itself.

First of all, the creature is very clearly a member of The Giants, given its nature and appearance. It is an immensely massive creature, and is also somewhat surrounded by mist. It was also introduced alongside other Giants with the caption "Reality was like a soggy grocery bag, and one day they just ripped through the bottom and messed everything up for everyone", confirming that it is in fact one of the creatures that broke through reality from an overlapped dimension via a second Moon. This second Moon is theorized to be a portal through the dimension of The Giants, and the human dimension.

Since the only other similar Trevor Henderson creatures confirmed to have broken through reality from a different dimension are The Giants, it is safe to assume that it is one. There is also a theory that suggests that it is the ruler of the Giants, almost acting like the God figure that commands them. While not impossible, this is very unlikely, as the "God" being would probably be much larger, more intelligent and would not reside on Earth.

Secondly, the creature is almost certainly a Destruction Giant. Despite its size, it would not have enough vertical reach or special tendrils to ascend worthy people. The creature is also seen breaking through a mountain, which displays its destructive behavior and capabilities. Its appearance would also imply that it is a carnivore and an omnivore. It is possible that the creature eats both organic and inorganic matter since it wouldn't matter that much because the creature's digestive system is likely incredibly strong.

The location of the beast is unknown, though we do know that it lives underground near mountains. The creature likely sleeps and possibly hibernates in these locations, which is why we don't usually see Giants of this type very often. How the creature digs through the Earth is unknown, but we assume that it eats and claws through the ground to make habitats and even tunnels to easily traverse the world.


The Behemoth, being one of if not the biggest Giants in the Mythos is a creature of immense destructive power. Even when it is being docile, the sheer size of this beast is enough to ravage entire cities with relative ease. Monsters of this size can also cause huge earthquakes on a 12-point scale and destroy the largest mountains and countries.

The creature's ability to burrow underground would allow it to be somewhat stealthy for a Giant this large. It would also allow it to move quickly if it has built tunnels underground beforehand.

The even the roar of the creature would be absolutely devastating, causing massive sonic damage and kill people by causing internal damage or permanently deafen them if they're much farther away. The size of the Behemoth means it would have an estimated bite force of 2.101097159e+17 (210 quadrillion) PSI, easily allowing it to bite through any known material. The gaping mouth of this titan would easily allow it to swallow large chunks of land and thousands of people at a time. The scales of the beast may also be much tougher than that of a normal lizard, preventing it from being harmed by most conventional weapons. Even if it wasn't, the size and strength of the creature would mean that even a bomb exploding on its body would be a fairly negligible attack, akin to a small needle wound.

Due to its more animal-like features compared to other Giants, the creature may be able to reproduce with other Giants to create more, much like The Wandering Faith. It it unknown if it is a male or a female, though there is some evidence to suggest it is female, as it has a very pale color palette, whereas males are more colorful, though nothing is actually confirmed.



  • The Behemoth is one of, if not the biggest creatures in the Trevor Henderson mythos.
  • The creature was introduced alongside The Overlooker and The Wandering Doom.
  • It is possible that the Behemoth is capable of destroying the world on its own, though it seems to prefer to stay in hiding and letting the other Giants ascend or destroy humans.
  • It is possible that it can reproduce and lay eggs, though there is no evidence of this.
  • The name "Behemoth" is a fan-given name which simply means "something of monstrous size, power, or appearance." Since there is no official name given to this creature as of yet, it should be referred to as "Behemoth" until an official name is given.
    • "Behemoth" is also the name of a large beastly land creature described in the Bible as a display of the power of God. Considering that The Giants are theorized to be Trevor's own monstrous version of Angels bringing about a biblical apocalypse, it is possible that this creature serves the same role.
  • Since we don't actually know the full appearance of the creature, its possible that this is the biggest creature that Trevor has made.
  • Some people think that Trevor did not create Behemoth, although this is not the case, as the first images of the creature came directly from his social media.


The name for this creature, Behemoth, is not
confirmed and is made up by either the fandom or one of our fellow wiki members, mainly due to the fact that Trevor hasn't given the creature an official name yet. Please do keep in mind that the name (and therefore, the article) is subject to change in the future, and that the name it has right now is unofficial, though it may still be referred to as such if no official name is given.

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