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It swayed violently as it stepped across the road, top-heavy, its sides billowing in and out with each pained breath. It wasn’t made for our world.
~ Trevor Henderson

Armless Creature is a creature made by artist Trevor Henderson.


The creature depicts a 25-feet tall, dark creature with a lack of arms. It's head appears to be really small, and it's abdomen is really thin.

According to the caption Trevor Henderson made when he posted this picture, the creature is too big, swaying violently, and it’s sides bellowing with each pained breath. It apparently ended up in our world, a place where it seems it shouldn't be, and that the laws of reality are possibly killing the creature.

When someone asked Trevor if the creature is gonna be okay, Trevor responded with "He'll find his way back, don't worry. Just a short trip." which could possibly mean that the creature is only gonna be on Earth for a small bit of time before it leaves back to it's original home-world.



  • Just like Big Charlie, he's on the move to escape this world, like Big Charlie when he is still on the move to find a better place while escaping.