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A Lonely Creature is a creature by Trevor Henderson.

Lonely Creature.png


The lonely creature seems to have reddish skin. It has black eyes and seems to be looking at a person, it also has a large mouth.

The creature also appears to have a nose of some sort slightly resembling a snout. The lonely creature has a body and what seems to be two legs.

May be part of the Big Charlie family.

The creatures skin appears brownish and somewhat fleshy in appearance, which may indicate that at some point its skin was a different color, but due to the malnutrition and lack of oxygen, it turned brown.


as seen in the image, (which seems to show an entryway to a basement of some sort) the creature lurks in people's houses where it presumably just stays in the basement for an unknown reason, though it can wander around other areas of a person's house. Anyone who happens to stumble across this creature won't get attacked as this creature seems rather shy in nature and will instead run away from whoever it sees. Unlike big charlie, which will attack anything it deems as a threat, lonely creature instead has a curious nature and means well (similar to long horse), though it won't warn of danger, but instead it is friendly enough to allow people to let them pet it, which is why people who discover it actually invite it out of the basement into the kitchen where they feed it leftover bits, before letting it stay with them for a while until it decides to bid goodbye and visit someone else. Any harm done to the creature will frighten it causing it to flee back to the basement or anywhere else in the house, and to get it to come out requires effort in comforting it.


  • Looks to be 8 feet tall.