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rare drop lil' nugget
~ Trevor, quite simplistically describing the entity

??? Nugget, formerly known as "Void Nugget", and also known as "Other Nugget" is a mysterious and ominous creature, presumed to be a seldom evolution of Lil' Nugget. Almost nothing is known about it, but it is described as having "Strange Powers".


??? Nugget's appearance bares a peculiar resemblance to that of Lil' Nugget, which makes sense considering their evolutionary relation, with only slightly different physical manifestations, such as having pitch-black skin, their eyes being orange (or sometimes white-ish) and rounded, perfectly matched and symmetrical in terms of size, the creature also seems to have the ability to float, and has a slightly thinner and longer head compared to the original Lil' Nugget.

Behavior & Origins

While the creature is associated to one of the most popular group of creatures in the Mythos, ??? Nugget itself is ominous and we have barely any info about it, it may be one of the most ominous and mysterious creatures to date. However, it has been represented by Trevor as a "rare-drop Lil' Nugget", this leads us to the Lil' Nugget Family Chart that was once drawn by Trevor to clear out some misunderstandings and add more lore, looking closer, we can see that the arrows from Lil' Nugget lead into two cases : One being ??? Nugget, the other being The Lamb, it is believed that Lil' Nugget is more likely to evolve into the latter case more than a ??? Nugget, which is what makes it a "rare-drop", however it is probable that the ??? Nugget might still have the ability to evolve furthermore into The Lamb. Outside of it's evolutionary cycle, but still within the given information of the chart, and something important to note is that in the illustration of the ??? Nugget, there are some question marks and the sentence "Strange Powers" written right next to it, this indicates that the creature may be powerful to an extent, and could cause odd occurrences to happen around it's environment.

In a post by Trevor Henderson illustrating the ??? Nugget floating and glitching in what seems to be some sort of black hole, captioned by simply three question mark emojis, somebody jokingly says that the ??? Nugget is a "strange-looking bug!"[1], Trevor agrees with this by saying that they're not wrong, this may indicate that the creature is indeed strange, anomalous and generally unusual, or that it acts like a weird pest, much like it's predecessor form, Lil' Nugget.

On top of all that, it seems that Trevor is quite hesitant to reveal more information about the ??? Nugget, likely due to it's ominous and mysterious, peculiar and unusual nature, when a user on Twitter asked about said ??? Nugget, describing him as a "blackened lil' nugget", Trevor replied by saying "We don't talk about him", much to his hesitation.[2]


The ??? Nugget's abilities seem to vary from reality warping-related abilities like some of his other relatives and causing odd physical aliments like most other creatures. As shown in the illustration, said entity seems to have the ability to hover/float, it is also possible that it may have shape-shifting, size-shifting and other supernatural abilities to manipulate it's own body, much like the original Lil' Nugget who, despite probably not being made out of the same "matter" as ??? Nugget, has abilities to shape-shift, bend, contort, hide and show parts, and even change his own size, it also is seen being able to glitch and distort itself, it is unknown if it does this by will or if it is due to some sort of force, though.

Another thing is that it may have incredible resistance, if the environment that's shown in the illustration it's in is truly a Black Hole, that means it could possibly survive such a threat, which makes it incredibly powerful and a force to be reckoned with, however, this has still not been directly confirmed by Trevor. The creature's powers are described as "strange", so it may have many other untold peculiar abilities that would certainly make it quite a powerful entity.